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One of the joys of my life is speaking to groups about the things I have learned on my path. Through living with a physical disability and learning to accomplish tasks in my unique way, I have a message to share, and would love to bring it to your group or event! I have presented to: youth groups, church groups, conferences, classrooms, schools, and many more around the United States. The message is clear, we ALL have special needs. We ALL deal with unique challenges. And we ALL have the opportunity to face those challenges, learn lessons from facing them, and teach others what we learn. I have competed in a triathlon, climbed the tallest mountain in Colorado, and rode my bicycle across Iowa, all because I refuse to use my challenges as an excuse not to succeed! My talks are Inspiring, Fun, and designed to connect to each person in attendance. Contact me, and let’s talk about your event!

Motivational Speaking

Groups, events, classrooms/schools, other orginizations

"Highly recommend this guy,

Jonah Berger & The

Rhythm Within for your next conference or training!

He rocks, in more ways than one!"

"I could probably have written a novella because I think Jonah needs to be bottled and sold…he would be a great remedy for depression, anxiety, hate, etc."

"Thank you for your terrific presentation at the Hands & Voices Leadership Conference. 

We had rave reviews from the parent leaders and professionals in attendance for your motivating story . . ."

One to One
Therapeutic Mentoring
Drumming Program/Workshop

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A sacred walk down the path of life with a disability; He Walks Like a Cowboy takes an in-depth look at one man’s journey to accept his limitations, redefine his abilities, and discover the life he was meant to live. Author Jonah Berger shares all of the colors of his life lived with physical challenges through his truthful, hilarious, and intimate personal accounts. An honest insight on the evolution of a disability from child, to boy, to man...

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