A sacred walk down the path of life with a disability; He Walks Like a Cowboy takes an in-depth look at one man’s journey to accept his limitations, redefine his abilities, and discover the life he was meant to live. Author Jonah Berger shares all of the colors of his life lived with physical challenges through his truthful, hilarious, and intimate personal accounts. An honest insight on the evolution of a disability from child, to boy, to man, the story holds nothing back as it inspires readers’ to understand and believe in the human spirits’ ability to grow. A heart-warming view of how struggles can be beautiful, and strength can be found in the weakest of places.

By R. Moore

I enjoyed Jonah Berger's "He Walks Like a Cowboy" because it told ordinary stories from an extraordinary standpoint. It is intimate and familiar, and confides in the reader with no trace of shame. The stories could have been mine, so familiar were the emotions borne of challenge. Perhaps it is just that we all have "disabilities;" some of ours are just less visible. I appreciated his humor and philosophical insights; the man certainly writes with a swagger!

By S. Metro 

He Walks Like a Cowboy is a rare opportunity to understand both the emotional and physical challenges of going through life with a disablity. It is a personal story told with great love and heart, allowing the reader the chance to connect with who the author is, and not just the words. A great book and I am looking forward to more from Jonah Berger.

By M. Ronick

I recently attended a gathering specifically centered around this book. I overheard a conversation between a few people speaking about how this book is so motivating and inspiring for people with disabilities. I quickly interjected and reminded the people in the conversation that it does this for those WITHOUT any physical disability as well. After all, we all have some sort of disability that we live with. It may not be muscular dystrophy but we all have challenges we must face on a daily basis. Berger teaches us through his own life experiences that we have a choice as to HOW we live with these challenges. Its never easy but he shows us that we can do anything we want to with hard work and determination. It sounds cliche but there's no denying that after reading this book.  A quick, emotional, hard-hitting, MUST read!

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