After 15 years of serving the Denver Metro Area on my own, I have come to know and trust the two gems you see below. Joe and Jenn have joined the team and we will be committed to giving all of our styles and input to each and every client. Weekly meetings to discuss each client case and brainstorm ideas for success. With three unique mentors, our goal will be to quickly assess which would make the best fit for each client.


Established in 2003, The Rhythm Within has served the Denver Metro Areas’ Special Needs Community in a number of ways. Aiming to help our clients succeed in a non-traditional and enjoyable style. We get to know the client where they are, and work to inspire them to move forward.


  • 44 years old and have called Denver my home for 18 years

  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Speech &Theater Arts

  • Masters Degree in Special Education

  • Owner and Director of Operations for The Rhythm Within since 2004.

  • Camp Director for Camp Footprint; serving children with Charcot Marie Tooth Disorder.

  • Served for 3 years as Program Director for Rocky Mountain Village, Colorado’s Easter Seals Mountain Camp

  • Served as the Program Coordinator for Adam’s Camp; a therapeutic camp program for children with special needs and their families.

  • Served 2 years at the Colorado Christian Home as a Youth Treatment Counselor for abused and neglected children

  • Served for 2 years as the Program Coordinator for the summer camp program of the City of Boulder; Parks & Recreation

  • I am a percussionist. I have always had success in using percussion in my work with my clients

  • Experienced in most diagnoses and with children/teens/young adults/adult ranging in age from 5-60

Jonah Berger

Individuality is what makes us who we are, no one person is the same. I choose to celebrate and investigate our differences so that I can better understand the world around me and myself. 

Joe Monreal

· 36 years old and have called Denver my home for 20 years

· Served 2 years as a Para Educator in Special Education for Englewood High School

· Served 2 years as an Employments Specialist with Denver Public Schools for individuals ages 16-24 that experience disabilities 

· I'm a staff traveler with The Wayfaring Band, a non-profit agency that travels with individuals from the special needs community. 

· I have experience with Social and Community based activities as an Event Coordinator/planner/facilitator for  those who experience disabilities through the Arc of Arapahoe Douglas County 

· National Certificate in Employment Services through nationally recognized CTAT, LLC

Jenn Lyon

I believe that every individual living with a disability is fully capable of achieving their dreams. I know that with a network of great friends and strong supporters, anything is possible. We all must do what we love, with those that make us happy and settle for nothing less.

· 33 years old, married to my best friend, and my family is continually growing in fur with 4 dogs and 2 cats.

· Graduated in 2005 from the University of Denver with a degree in Communications and a minor in Psychology.

· Owner and creator of a social group for the disabled called OutLiving. This group focuses on giving those living with a disability a social life with their friends where they get to choose their adventures and allows them to achieve a healthy, happy and active life with their buddies.

· Worked with the intellectually and developmentally disabled since 2003 and have worked with all ages and disabilities.

· Own a dog sitting business called Honey Dog Care and have owned this business since 2007.

I have worked in the special needs world my entire career. I love everything about it. People who face a daily challenge are simply more interesting. My style is caring and direct. I believe in creating connection and trust with my clients and using that trust to affect change.

One to One
Therapeutic Mentoring
Drumming Program/Workshop