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Drumming Program/Workshop

A Dynamic group percussion program for your school, classroom, youth group, church group, birthday parties, conferences, and any other event where you need team building and fun. Can be combined with my motivational speaking or just the drumming. We start with “Band Practice” and learn to play our instruments in unison. Then, it’s music time! We play and sing and have a blast. I’ve taken this program across the country to groups ranging from 50 participants to 1,000! Would love to bring the Rhythm to you!


Watch the Rhythm Within Drumming Program in Action!

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"Who knew that INSPIRATION walked on two legs and banged a drum!? From the very second he took the stage, I was mesmerized!"

"I could probably have written a novella because I think Jonah needs to be bottled and sold…he would be a great remedy for depression, anxiety, hate, etc."

"His message was simple yet profound and should be experienced by EVERYONE, children & adults alike! In a world littered with hatred, oppression, and all kinds of bad stuff; everyone should be a Jonah!"

Drumming Program/Workshop
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